Hip hop is today`s America or today`s America breathe in hip hop. A cultural revolution with weird set of musical ingredients formed a musical living in Afro-American society that color boys finds ultimate comfort being no miles away from hip hop arena. By definition there are some distinct components but in streets and neighborhoods the genre is a revolutionary culture or it may say, that hip hop beat espouses color people`s life and espoused hip hop shape the lives where it derived from.

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 An audio-visual musical gesture manipulates way of living that was never glorified before by any cultural crusade. In 1970, when racism was setting mayhem after the atrocious event of Martin Luther King and color people�s had no cultural inspiration; hip hop born in hand of no so famous djs by experiments with weird ideas and unorthodox musical instruments. Turntables were the part of the journey to renaissance and naturally in the sense of odd rhythm that we know hip hop beat was set as organ. Setting of lyrical poetry over spliced sound completed the course.

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 Hip hop`s rise to cloud endorsed more experiment that delivered sub genres like crunk or gang sta rap. Crunk sketch a picture that depicts a crowd focusing on the performance on dance floor with loud anthem and hip hop beats. Gangsta rap was derived from the dark backdrop of NY and LA that shaped vibration of intense soul and ghetto life in a form of rap art with narration.

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 Hip hop is an artistic tribute to homage that was not much practiced before 70. The wind waved by internet blows the nexus towards a different clemency. Now uncountable effort catch glimpse specially to folks who breathe in hip hop presenting desired hip hop beats in the web. A desire beat demands right choice of words and respect to the service by paying precise. There are some usual scene of the practice like inclusive hip hop beats have very affordable price of below $20. Exclusives may arise a little tension at the volume of credit balance. Lot of sites have been trending in web for consistent visits of lovers and the intensity provoked to adopt terms and conditions in marketing strategy . Apart from web maneuver, loyalty have always been an organ of the process to bring artistic creation at public. At the context, the sites mark some certain area of use even after a not free download. Exclusive beats are free of any inconvenience and claim to have no clones.

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 A musical genre is a style of living theme. Apart from lazy day picture of country, natural flow of emotion in classic or instrumental atrocity of heavy metal it`s rhythm hip hop track set on. The intense gesture provoked lovers to dive into more deep and paying their tribute to comfort their questions. An usual question buzz about the most hit hip hop beats of all times. The listings demand a vast knowledge about the tempo, time signature tone and calculation. For an ardent the hip hop beat his soul is more connected to is the perfect answer.

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